2012 September

PAGE Awards Finalist

My script is now in the final ten scripts in the Science Fiction category of the PAGE Awards. The interesting thing about making it this far is that finalists are required to send in the latest draft of their script, which I think is helpful. I did a few re-writes, so I was glad I could submit an update.

The winners are announced on October 15.


Lamington gets bigger

For a dog with only eighteen greeting cards and a sticker to his name, Lamington is doing pretty good. We now have over 6000 Likes on Facebook, which is not bad at all. Hopefully , there’s more to come. We have twelve new cards in the pipeline, eight mug designs and are in talks with two different companies about a pilot being made. Now I’m worried Lamington won’t be able to handle the pressure…


Pixie Cop work in progress

Very early designs.


John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl

This was a seriously amazing night. John Williams and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl. That’s one hell of a venue. I found mysef eating a picnic as the sun was setting, the crickets starting chirping and a full moon came out. I got a serious Close Encounters chill vibe, which was very apt. Johnny (to his friends) played some serious stuff in the first half (Olympics, War Horse, Schindler’s List, er… Tintin.) and the second half was all crowd pleasers. Superman, Raiders, Star Wars, the whole last reel of E.T.

It was unforgettable. And I saw a shooting star. Nice touch.

(Image credit: Michael Giacchino –


Character Design tip

When designing new characters, you want to get the most amount of personality across in your sketches. One way of doing that easily is drawing a day in the life of that character. Where do they wake up? Are they a morning person? Who’s the first person they speak to? Are they late for anything? What do they fill their time with? Who’s giving them a hard time? Who is cheering them up? What do they do at night? How late do they stay up?

Seriously, you’ll learn a ton of information about your character, and you’ll be drawing them in situations that tell a story, rather than static poses. I don’t know if this will help you, but I’ve just started doing this and it helps me massively.


My First Pitch

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I was lucky enough to be invited to pitch a show to Cartoon Network this week. Yes, CARTOON NETWORK IN BURBANK WHERE THE MAKE ALL THE GOOD STUFF OMG OMG. I showed them Lactose Intolerant and it got a fantastic reaction, which is really all you can ask for, especially when pitching 100% dairy humor. Anyway, I hear back in two or three weeks about what they want to do, so fingers crossed. With so many things out of your control, it’s just a relief to do a good pitch and not completely mess it up.


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