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Rise of Skywalker Teaser Theory

This occurred to me after listening to someone on a podcast question Kylo’s wacky flight tactics in the Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer. It’s true, it is definitely weird and artificially staged. But why? I think it’s because this teaser trailer isn’t showing you what you think it’s showing you. 

The opening shots have Rey alone in the desert, bracing herself for something. A ship races towards her, low to the ground. Before it reaches her, she turns, ignites her lightsaber, and flips over the whole thing. It’s a standoff. A fight. A battle of good versus evil. 

Except it isn’t.

If Kylo was trying to kill her, he’d shoot, but he doesn’t. He would fly in from above for a clear shot, but he stays close to the ground. She knows he’s coming, and is waiting in the right spot. And when she jumps, her trajectory could put her just over the top of the ship… or, land on top of it.

They’re on the same side

You see, it’s because they’re on the same side. Rey and Kylo have teamed up, and are going on the attack. I’m positive. If you listen to Luke’s voice over, he says: “We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now. This is your fight.” He’s talking to both Rey and Kylo, about defeating the Emperor. 

Rey is calming her nerves because she doesn’t know if trusting Kylo is the best option. Or perhaps what they’re about to do is extremely dangerous. Either way, the plan is to pick up Rey in a super hasty move, and then either sneak in somewhere, or attack something – together

Kylo has betrayed his darker side, and Rey is perhaps going against people’s wishes, so they’ve both moved a little closer to grey. That’s what I think, anyway. It’s the only way this sequence works.

We’ll see in December.

UPDATE: I was way off.


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