2022 January

Pandemic Progress

Remember March 2020? The world was in perfect harmony. Birds sang and wine was given away free to minors. The comedy of Jeff Foxworthy and the Puppy Bowl were all we needed, and we had plenty. It was an idyllic time.

Then the shit hit the fan. Of course we’ve all blocked it out from our collective memories, but it was something like… let me see…  a global lockdown, working from home while small children ran in circles around us, extreme job insecurity, and a few riots thrown in for good measure. I think the Evil President was replaced by the Nice President also but I was too frightened to notice.

Of course, it led to big changes. My job at Disney ping-ponged around like a ping-pong ball in a pinball machine next to a Pong machine. First I worked from home. Then I was furloughed. Then I was brought back. Then I was let go. This dragged out over the course of nine months, so it was an extremely slow car crash. Anxiety over money and the state of the world, combined with uncertainty over my kids’ education and a fear of death modifier, led to very strange panic attacks. This then led to even worse anxiety about having panic attacks. (?) I had anxiety about anxiety. While I felt super normal within myself, I’d go as far as to say even say brave enough to deal with the apocalypse (fuck yeah!), my stupid body was dumping adrenaline into my system in large quantities. So much so that I couldn’t leave the house without wanting to crap my pants. Which is not ideal. All this to say, I asked for help and was prescribed Lexapro to level things out, and it did the trick and pants were not crapped, touch wood.

And then there’s the good news. I got another job right away. Three offers in fact, which was a confidence boost. So now I work at Warner Bros. and I’m extremely relieved and grateful about that.

Okay. We’re two years into this nonsense. So how was my creative output? Scripts and pitches and all that? It was not good. Not good at all. I consciously hit the pause button for a while, stepped back from my writing group, and just chilled the “heck” out. It was the right move. Nothing worse than trying to force something you’re not feeling, or adding pressure for no reason. Again, I’m lucky I can be in that position, but it’s a shame to lose two years of progress in the blink of an eye. Small beans in the scheme of things, BUT STILL. I can grumble about it if I want.

Things seem no better now with regards to the pandemic, but I’m hankering to start up a few projects, so I will saddle up that old horse we call “the biz” and ride into pitch meetings and contests. I have been taking notes for two years (plus I learned Blender), so I have a few new tricks up my sleeve. Might help, might not. We’ll see.


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