I gave Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, blah blah a shot and grabbed the Kindle version. It’s written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, the guys in shorts from Reno:911, who now write shitty tentpole comedies deep inside the heart of the modern studio system. And what a place it is. If you need a reason to never move to LA, they have plenty. And if you have a single artistic bone in your body, this is one of the most discouraging books available. Luckily I don’t and I loved it.

These cats lay it all out. People are named and shamed for being dicks, straightforward explanations are given for why movies turn out terrible, and free lunches with stars are given their deserved recognition. They tell you how to do stuff you don’t want to do (you do it), why you will definitely get fired (100% definitely) and what to do when it happens (drink). This book is nothing short of a truth bomb.

What I learned: Probably the most useful book about that business I’ve read, because it’s honest. It demystifies the industry completely. There’s at least fifteen counter-intuitive things anyone would get wrong in Hollywood that they teach you to avoid. And it’s worth it for the chapter on Billy Crystal alone.

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