My sci-fi animated feature

I just wrote FADE OUT on my latest script.

Think WIZARD OF OZ meets STAR WARS and you’ll have a pretty accurate idea of the tone and scope. It’s based on characters from my comic strip, and is essentially a sequel story set three years later. The great thing is, I know these guys like the back of my hand, so it really adds a richness to the story. The characters are well defined and I’ve managed some very satisfying subplots.

Seeing as I was on a roll, I also rewrote my horror spec to get it into shape. Rewriting is NOT TO BE MESSED WITH and I had to fix so much stuff it was insane. Now it’s presentable. The weird thing is, I did so much work on the rewrite I feel like I finished two new scripts in the space of a week.

What I learned: This is a topic for another post, but I outlined the new script and it was a great help. I’ll do it every time from now on. Also – and I’ve heard people say this but never really believed it, because I never listen – knowing your characters well means they almost write their own dialog. And, it’s true. Finally, writers really do get better every time they finish a story. I can see the progress here. So keep going!

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