The LA recon mission was a big success. It consisted of mainly drinking in different neighbourhoods and shopping for socks. I felt instantly at home. We are so moving there.

Man, I know I’m the seven billionth person on the planet to say this, but LA is BIG. I can’t even get my mind round it. In New York I’m so used to only being able to see about 20 feet ahead of me, my brain pretty much broke down at the sweeping arc of the Santa Monica and the mountains beyond. I had to be revived with a pint and a burger.

It was really good to catch up with friends who have moved out there and are doing so great. Everyone seems genuinely happy, they acknowledge the cities drawbacks, but one thing everyone has in common is they are here doing exactly what they love to do (ok, except the one guy who designs porn dvds). That unabashed enthusiasm to follow what you really want – and be able to make a successful living out of it – it what really draws me here.

We stayed at a place called the Farmer’s Daughter, a boutique converted motel in West Hollywood. Highly recommended. Tons of stuff to do around there and right next door to the Writer’s Guild of America. (Note: banging on the windows and shouting “LET ME IIIIIIIIIIN!” like Louis Tully, does not get you into the guild)

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  1. James Avatar

    Oh, and I took that photo myself, through a window in the Beverly Center. I always hit the mall on holiday.

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