Scriptshadow review

I’ve been reading Scriptshadow for a while, so when I was scrolling through my Google Reader yesterday, and this came up: Screenplay Review – The Augmented Geologist (Amateur Friday) I stopped for a second.

That’s my script.

Reading through the review and comments I am just as encouraged as hell. The script has sticking points which people seem to agree on, but they are things that are definitely fixable, and I would agree with most of the feedback.  What really caught my eye were the positive notes on the writing, which are generous. As soon as I sort out my structure, I’m gonna be deadly. Check this out:

But like I said, I think James is PACKED with talent. I wouldn’t be surprised if 3-4 years from now, you see him writing some big Hollywood sci-fi film. And hey, if he can get a handle on this story and give us something more mainstream and less existential, he might be able to salvage it. Either way, he’s a writer to look out for.

I you haven’t seen it yet, head over there and read the review.

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