The Quest

I entered another contest. This is an interesting one. Scott Myers at Go Into The Story has been teaching screenwriters for years (one look at his blog should be enough to convince anyone of his altruistic tendencies) and with the huge blog presence and an affiliation to the Black list, he’s in a great position to help emerging screenwriters break through. The idea he’s come up to do that is called The Quest. I hope it involves swords and dinosaurs at some point.

The idea is to take four lucky writers and mentor them for six months, for free. At the end of the year, these four people should each have a completed script, Scott attached as producer, plenty of people willing to read them and a better understanding of the craft. That’s the idea, anyway.

I like it. Seeing as I arrived in Los Angeles less than two weeks ago (now that’s an overdue post) to do this kind of thing, it comes at a rather nifty time. To enter, you were required to send in your logline(s) and see if Scott picks one he’s excited about. He got something close to 4000. He’s looking for high-concept, very commercial stuff – something that would open on a lot of screens. I spent some time polishing my most extra high-concept loglines to make them short and concise and dutifully sent them off. I guess we’ll see. I’m ready for it.

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