I’m not that crazy about the character of Superman. I like the Christopher Reeve films well enough, but they’ve been showing their age for a while, and SUPERMAN RETURNS bored me severely. Maybe it’s not the character, maybe it’s the execution, but in any case, we’re due for an update. Especially in this age of great comic adaptations. I think this latest trailer has won me over.

– The music is downright amazing. Hans Zimmer is certainly bringing something different to American film scores lately, and this is very far away from John Williams iconic work, which is surprising and awesome. I can’t wait for the full soundtrack.

– It looks like the action is turned up a notch, but I can already see there’s going to be some ‘too-quick-to-make-out-what’s-happening’ sequences. Kind of skeptical about some of the scenes in the trailer.

– I like the emotion of Kevin Costner talking to young Clark. That’s promising.

– The scene with Amy Adams calling him Super*something* was really weird and I kind of don’t get it.

– The trailer made me go from not interested to excited, so it’s done its job perfectly.

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