The ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest just announced their Quarter Finalists and I made the cut!

It’s a smaller contest, but it’s associated with The Blood List, and the judges panel includes development executives at Lionsgate, Paramount and Sony, which is awesome. (The Blood List is basically The Black List, but for horror only). So yeah – I’m one of 79 QF’ers – good luck to them all, I say. Here’s the full list: ScreamCraft Quarter Finalists

4 responses to “ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest Quarter Finalists”

  1. Karen Albright Lin Avatar

    I’m one too. Do you know when they will be announcing the finalists?

  2. karen Lin Avatar

    Did you go to the next round. My script didn’t. Either way, best of luck with it! And for all your writing.

  3. James Avatar

    I didn’t make it, unfortunately. According to the Black List it’s my weakest script, so it makes sense. I love it though, it’s a throwback to 80s horror characters like Freddy Kruger, etc.

    Good luck with your work, too!

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