I think Battlefront is a great game, but everyone agrees it could use more content. More stuff is being added via paid DLC soon, but since I’m obsessed with Star Wars lore, I thought I’d say what I’d like to see added. Might as well use this knowledge for something. *shakes fist at sky*

I’ll break it down by category: Heroes, Infantry, Star Cards, Weapons and Ships.

Hero Boushh

I’d like to get a tiny bit obscure with my picks here, since the main characters that everyone expects (Bossk, Chewbacca, Yoda) are too obvious. Let’s go with Boushh, the bounty hunter (spoiler it’s Leia) that rescues Han from Jabba. No one has really explored the character outside of the comics, so you could get a little original with their abilities. Obviously thermal detonators would be involved, maybe some additional HUD stuff through that cool visor, and a powerful melee weapon using Boushh’s electrostaff.

Hero General Veers

The undefeated AT-AT Commander himself. I picked him for the cool hat, and to balance out the Imperials against all the bounty hunters they’ve got currently. He would have excellent armor, long and short range weapons and something revolving around military tactics that would be useful. I don’t know what. If I did, I’d be working at DICE.

Infantry Mon Calamari

Some new character models unlocked at Level 70 would be cool. For the Rebels, the Mon Calamari from the ROTJ deleted scenes would be perfect. They’re clearly the backbone of the Rebel fleet, and are excellent pilots and tacticians, so unlocking this infantry should give you some sort of buff when you’re playing Fighter Squadron.

Infantry TIE Fighter Pilot

How is this armor not in the game already? They not only look badass, but they’d blend in similar to a Shadow Trooper, but with more hoses and equipment and shit. Again, they would give you some sort of advantage in Fighter Squadron.

Star Card GRS-1 snare rifle

Zuckuss’ super weird-looking double-barrelled gun. This doesn’t fire bullets, it fires a paralyzing spray that immobilizes targets. Imagine if you could use it to stun enemies and then switch to another weapon and take them out. Would be frustrating for the other person, but who cares about that? It’s Star WARS, not Star PICNIC.

Star Card Force Pike

There are various force pikes in Star Wars, but I’m going with the classic Emperor’s Royal Guard ones. There is absolutely no defense for a regular player against either Luke or Vader, so this would be a way to block their lightsaber attacks. Maybe it could let you survive long enough to jetpack away. I like that idea.

Weapon DDC Defender

This is an elegant sporting blaster that Leia used on Endor. Very light, but surprisingly powerful. It blasted away a stormtrooper in one shot in Return of the Jedi. Maybe it can be exceptionally good at short range, and still accurate (but weaker) at long range.

Weapon Relby K23

Another blaster, used by the guards on Cloud City. I’m thinking this could be a good alternative to the E-11, but a little fast firing. And it’s silver, that’s got to count for something.

Ship B-Wing

I love this ship. I would geek out if I got to fly this around. It should be a tank – not so agile, but delivers huge damage.

Ship TIE Bomber

This is an obvious choice. Again, I think this would be tank-like; slower but dealing lots of damage, with bombs instead of missiles. Would be excellent for strafing runs.

That’s all I got. I’m going to check back after the next expansion and see if I get any of these right. Fingers crossed for the B-Wing.

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