Adding a new lead to Star Wars, with its iconic characters and a voracious fanbase, is nothing short of daunting. How do you top Darth Vader? Obi-Wan Kenobi? Muftak and Kabe?! It aint easy being the new kid at school, and true enough, the introduction of Ahsoka Tano had most people rolling their eyes in derision.

After watching the Clone Wars movie (starring a farting slug called Stinky), I was definitely in that camp.  I thought Ahsoka was annoying, slight, and a token addition to appease the kids in the audience. But I’m happy to say I was wrong. Dead wrong. Ahsoka turned out to be the greatest addition to Star Wars since sliced portion bread.

Season one was still a little underwhelming, but by the time Clone Wars got to season two, something had kicked in creatively. The character of Ahsoka just took off. In one memorable episode, Ahsoka is helping lead a huge ground attack, holding her own in battle, defying orders and being unapologetic afterwards. That’s when I started to take notice. Was I crazy, or did this get really good? Answer: It got really good.

Ahsoka is a badass

Ahsoka is an excellent Jedi. Sure, she messes up like everyone else, but then she fixes it. She cares about what happens, and acts. I love seeing main characters who are capable when facing tough situations, who aren’t just succeeding because of luck. She’s comfortable being a leader, is naturally brave, and has a certain confidence that people who excel at something have. There’s no swagger and arrogance. She’s got two lightsabers and gets things done.

She’s important

She’s working alongside Skywalker and Kenobi, two of the greatest Jedis who ever lived. She knows Yoda and Mace Windu. She leads missions for the Republic and commands large amounts of troops who absolutely respect her. In short, she’s a major part of the Star Wars universe in a way that new characters sometimes aren’t. And it feels like she belongs there. The writers made her as well-rounded and as interesting as her peers. And in terms of story, she almost changed the course of the whole Star Wars saga. Which brings me to my next point.

She was right all along

Throughout the Clone Wars, a running theme is that the Jedi didn’t see their enemy coming. They fucked up, basically. But you know who did see it coming, and tried to warn everyone? Ahsoka. She was right about Palpatine and the Sith and how people were being framed. The storyline of her bringing all that to the Jedi Council’s attention and what happens after is one of the greatest in all of Star Wars (and I say that as a die-hard Original Trilogy fan). It’s a hell of an arc, and there was so much more to say. How do you deal with that much of a betrayal, by good people, when you’re 100% in the right? That is why people wanted more Clone Wars.

In fact, Ahsoka Tano fits in so well to the Star Wars universe that it’s almost hard to believe she didn’t exist until after the Prequels. She’s not only the key to understanding Anakin’s story, she’s also the hero he failed to be. Presented with a similar path, Ahsoka handles all of her choices differently.

You’ve got to hand it to the Clone Wars team. They pulled off the impossible.

2 responses to “Great Character: Ahsoka Tano”

  1. Lurking Wadjet Avatar
    Lurking Wadjet

    Sorry, but I can’t stand Ahsoka, and never understood her appeal (beyond the perverted ones). She started out as a generic spunky obnoxious (un-Jedi like) sidekick, and turned into a boring miss know it all by the end as Filoni’s pet character.

    Her inclusion in Rebels amounted to little more then fanservice. I am utterly bored stiff with her now.

  2. yudy150 Avatar

    I can’t even start on how much she should’ve been in the actual movies. I remember when I was smaller I wanted to know how come shes not present in the movies. I mean I’ve never seen any but I’ve seen so many scenes online and I know the movies too well. Even Ventress and Cad Bane are absent.
    She and Barriss Offee make a great team and they’re really good friends so that should’ve remained. I started watching this when I was small and I only really started taking much more interest in the show when I started to see more scenes of episodes layer down in the series online. You see, they only showed a bunch of re-runs for a long while and eventually, like all the other great cartoons, they stopped showing them. Only when I kept seeing more and more scenes a long time ago was when I got kinda obsessed with it. Same thing happened with “Regular Show” and a lot of other great cartoons too but I know I liked Ahsoka at some point. She is a really interesting chtacter. She should’ve got some kind of a boyfriend or something regardless of the rules. I’ve seen too many Fandom where they paired her with Barriss. There were even two stories written about the two of them if they were together. Man, that made me fall of a chair……

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