2021 June

Impact x Skydance Contemporary Horror

Working on my application for the latest prompt from the Impact Network, Imagine Entertainment’s talent accelerator. They’re looking for Contemporary Horror TV (think Servant, The Haunting of Hill House) that can be an ongoing, limited, or mini-series. Nice.

I know the genre (in fact I work on it now for Warner Bros.) and have written horror features, so entering seems like a no-brainer. The application is pretty thorough, and takes a while to complete, as they make you really deep dive into the idea. But by far the trickiest part is the 30-second video you need to include. I’m fine with pitching in-person or over Zoom, basically (hopefully) not one of those introverted writers. But half a minute of my goofy ass on video seems to be the cringiest, awkwardest 30 seconds of all-time. I might need to get a bit more creative with that to cut through the crowd.

If you want to apply (and you should), check out the website. The application FAQs are here.


The Mandalorian

It’s no secret that The Mandalorian is a great show, but what is a secret is the Galaxy of Adventures figure of Mando slaps hard. The latest Galaxy of Adventures figures have all been exceptional, but this one goes above and beyond.

Great articulation, clean lines, slightly animated proportions (but not too much), and awesome build quality. I know people give Hasbro a lot of crap for their performance with Star Wars over the years, but credit where credit’s due.

Anyway, this concludes the updates from the desk of the world’s lamest Star Wars fan (me).


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