Got my first followers on tumblr

This is a huge day in the Hutchinson household. Right after Tumblr sells out to Yahoo and social media is basically over, my tumblr for Hey Lamington gets its first two followers. It took twelve uploads and one question before anything happened… actually, it wasn’t until I tagged the posts that people appeared, so there’s a little social media secret for you.  Anyway, follow if you like cartoon dogs!!!


Lamington gets bigger

For a dog with only eighteen greeting cards and a sticker to his name, Lamington is doing pretty good. We now have over 6000 Likes on Facebook, which is not bad at all. Hopefully , there’s more to come. We have twelve new cards in the pipeline, eight mug designs and are in talks with two different companies about a pilot being made. Now I’m worried Lamington won’t be able to handle the pressure…


The Lamington Store is now online!

It’s been a long time coming, but at last the store for Lamington is up and running. I’m excited because now people have a place to buy the official greeting cards online, and they can pick up stickers, buttons and mugs, too. Check it out and tell everybody.


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